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Welcome to <Spear of the Nation>!  We've since moved to the following website:

Please apply on that site, and indicate if you were a member on the old site (this one) or if you've been tagged in game already.  Thanks!
Guild News

It's alive!

Wolfram, Nov 19, 11 8:24 AM.
The server launched and exceeded everyone's expectations, hitting a max population of 663 players on opening night.  There were some technical difficulties so guilds couldn't be created yet because they lagged up the server too much, but don't worry my minions, you'll all get your tags soon.

Also, correction to the post below: Softcore_PK's name is NOT Tinx, that name was taken.  His character's name is Nellodee.  Shoot him a tell if you want an invite to the Faydwer division of the guild!

One day to go!

Wolfram, Nov 17, 11 7:34 PM.
The server launches tomorrow evening!  We're still recruiting freshly hatched zerglings to help combat griefing.  If you're interested, apply on the site or ask one of our officers in game tomorrow.  I'll be tagging people from the Qeynos gates, while Tinx will be recruiting people into our temporary sister-guild (for those starting on Faydwer) around Steamfont.

"You can let your guard down."

Wolfram, Nov 10, 11 12:19 AM.
Today I visited my home town of Qeynos and saw the Priest of Order walking around.  He conned white so I thought we'd be evenly matched, but boy was I wrong:

As punishment for my unprovoked attack on him, he removed my red tag, de-leveled me, and even made me endure a hellishly long corpse run from Freeport to Qeynos!  Damn.  I figure he must be anti-pk since he only attacked me after I foolishly attacked him first, so I went back and apologized.  He didn't seem to be mad that I tried attacking him earlier:

Such reassuring words!

PS: 8 days left to go before the server launches!

"Let this fool's meaningless death be a reminder to you all that the power of Order is absolute!"

Wolfram, Nov 5, 11 10:56 PM.
The Priest of Discord is the ultimate griefer.  Not only does he make it so anyone else can attack you (regardless of level!) but he makes it so that other players can't heal or buff you either.  I tried petitioning him to no avail, so instead I just killed him:

A quick note about our application process: for now, it's going to be very lax, and most people who apply should be accepted automatically so long as they renounce griefing.  Members who are caught griefing innocent players will be held accountable.
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